High-Density Fiber Optic Solutions

Loaded Rackmount Patch Panel w/ 24-fiber MTP cassettes

Atlantic Vision's Fiber Optic Systems are designed for Enterprise Data Centers, Managed Facilities, and Government Data Centers. We specialize in high performance Fiber Optic systems and components that work on open and proprietary platforms.  We  deliver cutting edge innovative fiber optic solutions designed to support 40 & 100gB systems.

Atlantic Vision is the only OEM providing both Corning and Tyco Secure Keyed LC and MTP based systems and components. Our world wide customer base is made up of OEM's, Contractors, Installers, and Distributors.

Practical custom designed solutions featuring MTP and LC based Plug and Play systems. Atlantic Vision's WEDGE series offers total compatibility with Corning's EDGE systems of cassettes, trunks, custom modules,and accessories.

Atlantic Vision's founders and management is derived from a DARPA Consortium of Boeing, Honeywell, Verizon, and General Motors whose mission was and is to develop advanced fiber optic technoliges for both commerical and military use.